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Our Story

We, at Electroloc Locksmith & Security Ltd., have had the privilege of serving the people of Jamaica for many years now by keeping them safe. No matter where you are, or where you live, safety is not assured for anyone. All sorts of dangers exist around us. Therefore, we have taken the responsibility of guaranteeing the security of our fellow Jamaicans in their homes, work, schools or any other place.

Our security solutions are renowned for its genuine effectiveness and its ability to hold true to its reputation when needed the most. We provide guaranteed and international-standard security products that can help keep your mind at peace. Our range of safety products includes sturdy and user-friendly locks; impenetrable safes including Night Depository safes, Pneumatic Safety Valve safes, and Remote Drive Up Systems; Access Control Systems and Alarm Systems; and safety door including the Delta Series, Day Bar and Steel Bar. All our products can be availed for either residential or commercial purposes.

Trustworthy Locksmith & Security Services In Jamaica. Discover More.

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What We Offer

We also offer a variety of security services that has never, for years, failed to live up to the expectations of our customers. Our services include industrial locksmith services, electronic entry system installation and service, hardware supplies, bullet resistant windows, custom transport and drop safes, combination installment, vault door installations and other safety and security systems, and much more. We do commercial work, emergency services, custom work, onsite services, phone orders, residential work and service calls.

As our tagline says, “We Make You Safe & Secure,” we have incorporated the motive throughout our entire family of professionals to make you safe and secure from all the dangers around. And along with excellent work ethics, reliable customer service, and uncompromising security solutions, we consider it as one of our core principles.